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Orange Bundle


Designer: The Maine


You Are Ok "Orange" Bundle 
• Gold Vinyl or CD 
• Book 
• Ok Flag
• Keychain
• Pillar Subscription (2 Months)
• Sticker Pack
• Digital download (available on March 29th 2019)
Pillar Subscription
Pillar is a brand new subscription service created by 8123 and The Maine. It is a platform that gives you access to all of The Maine's music, videos, exclusives and direct access to the band. It was created for the fan that wants more and unique forms of content. 
Pillar will be launching on March 31st. More info to come! 
With the "Orange" Bundle, you will receive 2 free months. After the 2 months, you can decide if you would like to continue your subscription. Cancel at any time.     
Vinyl Information 
• 180 Gram (Orange Variant)
• Limited to 1,000 copies 
This bundle is available for pre-order only. Any additional items you order with this bundle will not arrive until March 29th 2019. 
Vinyl Disclaimer 
The vinyl creating process is very unique. The vinyl colors are added by hand. No vinyl is guaranteed to look similar to another vinyl. The vinyl will look similar but not identical to the mocked image. The vinyl record manufacturing process can be complicated. The records are currently scheduled to arrive early but there is always a chance for delays. We have worked hard with a new company to create a better product and hopefully solve problems that have happened in the past. If any issues come up or if the records are delayed, we will make sure to keep you in the loop! Thanks for supporting! 
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